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jjba x sweet reader Quietly in class just writing whatever scenes came to your head when the material being taught was too complicated for you to. Jotaro Kujo x fem reader (jjba confessions part 1) Giorno Giovanna x fem reader (jjba confessions part 2) Josuke Higashikata x fem reader (jjba confessions part 3) Book Idea: Taming a devil. “don’t ever leave me, alright? i’ll try not to mess this up if you promise me you’ll be patient. you didn't know the two males had a obsessed to you but not only them but more is coming your way~. #jjba x male reader #jjba stardust crusaders #jjbaxmalereader #jojos bizarre adventure x male reader #jojo's bizarre adventure #joseph joestar #joseph joestar x male reader #male reader #joseph x male reader #trans male reader …. Bruno staying up with his s/o who can’t sleep. Keep reading. you took in his appearance . 💞~Yandere JJBA x Reader~💞 {My sweetheart} 51. posted 9 months ago on October 9th with 521 notes. most men would be nervous to introduce their girlfriend to their mothers, but jotaro appeared surprisingly calm as he snuffed his dwindling cigarette in a nearby ashtray. 6K 43 "Be mine y/n, or else you won't like what I'll do next. The Italian Archaeologist-Robert E. || vento aureo x reader || JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 𝘼𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚, 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 ~ - ↳ A story where a breathtaking girl managed to snatch some mafia members hearts. pairing: josuke higashikata x gn! reader. here is a spotify playlist to go with this fic. They had then stood up and walked to where you were standing. STARTED FEBURARY, 2021 VENTO AUREO/READER. Pairing: Yoshikage Kira x Fem! Reader. Warning⚠️ This contains tetrophilia, oviposition, and egg laying so If weird alien shlong and eggs freaks you out then don’t read this!! sorry but this alien baby needed more love, also if not obvious, reader is gender neutral _____ Mikitaka's cock gently prodded at your entrance, a blue fluid seeped ou. Part 5 Xreader Harem Giorno Abbacchio Bruno Trish Mista Fugo Narancia. A Writer’s Trouble - Jotaro x Reader Word Count: 3353 You were a writer. Summary. trained to be a saviour. HALLOWEEN BUTTERFLIES. Tumblr. Requests from Parts 1-8 are up for grabs! Imagines, headcanons, x readers you name it! No NSFW please. Guido Mista X Reader SPOILERS Life had taken you on quite a wild ride over the last few months, with many ups and downs accompanying you along the way. Reassurance (Don Giorno x Wife! reader) “A very cute request from a nonnie mouse in which Giorno comforts his pregnant wife. This is a bit angsty, I hope I was able to do your request justice my sweet, 💖💕 ️🐞. You were so kind, beautiful and just perfect for him; He’d flirt with you constantly, anything from small compliments to full in flowers. Warnings: kira is a warning in himself but he's soft here i swear + its short but its sweet . fugo’s kisses are sweet with a sprinkle of sadness. Expand. Recovering HP. Hamon Training-Jonathan Joestar x Reader; You go to England to help Jonathan train with his Hamon so that he can defeat Dio. Reader kisses him to cause a distraction. Summary: After a troublesome recovery, you . 4 abr 2020 . Once upon a time about 10 years ago, little peasant boy Dio Brando and Prince Jonathan Joestar of England were the best of friends. Show more featured. Request: “. JOTARO KUJO x READER. It’s been a very long time since Giorno had risen after the sun, but today was one of those rare days that he got to spend at home with the love of his life. As a family dispute goes on at home, her parents have decided to keep her out of it and sent her away. You don’t do jingle jangle or. She was 10 at the time, Dio was 13. risotto nero came into view, lounged on the couch and his . here is chapter 1 to this fic! it’s also cross posted on ao3 here. A collection of various Yan JJBA x Reader one-shots! (Originally posted on my tumblr, ddarker-dreams) . 14 feb 2021 . Aug 24, 2018 · High (smut) — Sweet Pea x Reader— Being high is the only time you’re calm. 344K 7. Forty Eight Vento Aureo Jjba X Reader Jojos Bizarre Adventure X Reader Jjba Golden Wind Jjba Reader Insert. 1K 11 You and your mom moved to Japan not long ago were her childhood friend holly leave with her dad and son. You think it is so so sweet of him and you make sure . Reader is a part of passione. i would consume the earth if only to be rid of you. That’s when Y/N had originally met Dio Brando. sweater · jealous!josuke x popular!fem!reader. okuyasu nijimira . You might even throw a joke out, causing the man to pause in his tirade. JoJo Character x Female Reader SFW Art A compilation of sugary sweet art where the JoJo males fall in love with you and can't live without you. This idea came into my head during my time to sleep romance story’s that I make to fall asleep too! >w< I hope you all enjoy our sweet Okuyasu!————————————————————————Okuyasu shuffled around in his bed, kicking his sheets off in the process. You were cooking dinner for yourself as killer Queen played with a ball of yarn in the living room. jjba x reader pannaccotta fugo x reader pannacotta fugo sfw anonymous. yandere x reader yandere imagines yandere . They would play all day long while Dio’s mother was helping out at the palace. You were on top o. in which you give josuke a gift that you know he’s been wanting for a while, and he asks you something that you’ve been hoping he’d ask for a while. A bunch of JJBA one shots I wrote on my tumblr and Ao3 (of the same name). not trained to disobey. rohan kishibe. GIF by shikamaruuuuu. Being the new head of the gang that works outside Italy for Passione, your first official duty was to find out the traitors who had been trying to uncover the identity of the boss. Add to library 217 Discussion 264. Luminescent (Don Giorno x Mermaid! Reader) “This was a lovely request from @dragons-and-skulls. jojo jjba jjba headcanons jjba imagines jojo headcanons Dio Brando dio brando x reader enrico pucci x reader jjba diavolo Diavolo x reader jojo villains jofoes full villain house mod seraph 25 notes Jul 6th, 2021 May 19, 2020 · #jjba x reader #jojo x reader #doppio x reader #vinegar doppio x reader More you might like Again me apologising for being away a lot but absolutely any and all braincell I possess has been going to resident evil lately moonbeam answers jonathan joestar x reader jonathan joestar imagine jjba x reader jjba imagine the way that i love this man . He closed his eyes and reached out towards your side of the bed but your . a sigh pulled from painted lips as you opened the door to the parlor. please read ! Killer Queen was always there, when everyone was jerks, when they day was terrible, or just whenever you needed a hug, they were always there for you. “it's cute how you think you have a choice!” 11. Read ~Sweet~ Josuke x Reader x Jotaro (Naga AU) from the story {COMPLETE} ~A Bizarre Adventure~ Yandere JJBA x Fem! Reader by Pantherblast (Prometheus) with 3. He looks at you with loving eyes and a soft smile, leans closer and kisses your forehead, apologizing to you. Plot Twists. Thus wrote Mrs Giovanna. Fluff alphabet [ C,J,K,N,W,D ] [ Full alphabet] Bruno walking in on his crush crying. Speedwagon x Reader (Y/N) moves to Italy after learning that Johnathan Joestar is in possession of a stone mask. " i'm going to be making a lot so stay tuned, i'll take . stardust crusaders x reader. Silence falls in the room for a sweet . Evanesce (Giorno Giovanna x Ghost!Fem! Reader) This was quite a specific request from a nonnie mouse🥺 . Bruno’s s/o is insecure about gaining a bit of weight. November 1988, amid her semester, reader (Karolina) has to visit her aunt in Tokyo, Japan. 22 may 2020 . Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. hey my fellow gamers, i realized that i did not post this on tumblr yet. the orange illumination stained the wooden room a faint, artistic color; it signified that the time of the party approached. yandere x reader yandere imagines yandere yandere jjba jojo part 7 hot pants steel ball run JJBA jojo no kimyō na bōken jojo x reader jjba x reader jjba imagines Anonymous: Hello! The ask with the sickly/feeble reader made me wonder, what would a yandere Cioccolata be like with a sickly and feeble s/o? #jjba #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo's bizarre adventure headcanons #jjba x reader #jjba part 4 #jojo's bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable #diamond is unbreakable x reader #diamond is unbreakable #josuke higashikata x reader #josuke higashikata #okuyasu nijimura x reader #okuyasu Nijimura #koichi hirose #koichi hirose x reader #rohan . every time, he kisses you with burning passion. Fluff uses gender neutral pronouns, smut includes reader with female genitalia The Don’s main reaction upon seeing your face so close to his and already speaking, even if he thought your argument was already finished, was to chuckle, distracting you. a tinge of fear with traces of hopefulness. anonymous asked: “p3 joot joot inviting his s/o to meet holly 🥺 hollys just so happy that her sweet boy found someone”. I just want to write Jojo x Reader imagines. jojo x reader JoJo's Bizarre Adventure jojo's bizarre adventure x . Bloodlust (Dio Brando x Reader x Jonathan Joestar). Dio x Reader One Shot. And to say that your relationship with him is strange is an understatement. trained to be a remorseless killer. Chapter Text ** RULES ** it may be april fool's but this ain't no joke!! hello, i said i'd probably make a spice collection and y'all are seeing it now! if you want the sfw stuff then click here or go to the last work in this series, that collection is only sfw and will stay only sfw with maybe occasional hints of spice here and there Oct 09, 2020 · happily writing for you. When he first saw you he was entranced. Serenity (Don Giorno x reader) Golden lashes fluttered open as the morning sun illuminated a handsome face. 🐞♥️🥺💕🐞” The. bubble-gum-bitch44 . You being so sweet and caring for him it's like he's found himself an . 16-07-2021. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable ♡. JJBA X READER - oneshots by mai-hwa. Freeform. Fugo x fem reader. Bruno helping his s/o who has migraine. sweet idea ;v; … ty for the request!! the slam of the door is audible, signifying yours and jotaro’s arrival to the quiet, grand kujo household. Nanbaka Oneshots/Preferences (X Reader) Author: BetterTasteThenNed. All the fluff ensues, I hope you enjoy the read my sweet. reas-sweet-life liked this . pillar men kars jjba esidisi wamuu santana esidisi x reader kars x reader santana x reader wamuu x reader pillar men x reader jojos bizarre adventure battle tendency jjba headcanons jojo part 2 78 notes May 24th, 2021 yandere yandere jojo's bizarre adventure yandere jjba yandere jojo x reader yandere giorno yandere jonathan joestar giorno giovanna giorno x reader jonathan joestar x reader jonathan joestar ask anonymous jojo part 5 jojo part 1 jojo golden wind jojo vento aureo jojo phantom blood yandere giogio His Ring - Sweet Pea x Reader ((GIF is not mine)) Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader Requested: No. “Josuke!”. (Chapter one of my JoJo book! The whole thing will be posted to my Wattpad account. jjba, reader-insert, love. reader is a part of la squadra. To accommodate to her situation, she tries to stay rational and make the best out of it. The oldest incident was the downs, losing many people incredibly near and dear to you over the course of a week. The gentle, crisp spring breeze softly rustled the leaves of the tree overhead, dislodging a few, which fell about the . 73,155 2,335 33. word count: 3,142. Yandere kars x reader with kidsrequest: yandere kars x reader who has little kids plz? When he first kidnapped you and your children, he was only intending on using all of you for his experiments. Nov 19, 2019 · #jjba #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojos bizarre adventure #x reader #fluff #my writing #vento aureo #ghiaccio #ghiaccio la squadra #jojo ghiaccio #ghiaccio self insert #ghiaccio x reader #ghiaccio/reader #ghiaccio imagine #jojo part 5 More you might like jjba x reader pannacotta fugo x reader jojos bizarre adventure x reader jjba Pannacotta Fugo jojos bizarre . - "Ack! Stop being pretty for one second!" Sweet JJBA Delights [JJBA x Reader Oneshots] Author: LadyRaspberry93. How a sweet girl met hanni? He doesn’t know she’s married to Bedelia tho” Pairing: Bedelia x Reader. . (Request) Yandere part 3 DIO x reader. thus this JJBA x Castlevania AU . A Yandere blog catered to JJBA. gift exchange: josuke x reader. O. Plot. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. “Jonathan, who’s that Bruno with a seemingly stoic s/o. “i don't care if you think i'm a monster; i've decided you're mine. ” “This takes place in an AU where everyone lives ️💕🐞🥺” It was one. I only do characters from Parts 1 - 5 (mainly because I am anime trash but I know the manga's . But his yelling is rather funny in your mind. Assassins & Hitmen. Jun 10, 2020 · The Domestic Diavolo Chronicles - Part 5 (JJBA x Reader) It’s back again!! Took a quick break from writing the Phantom of the Opera AU to make this!! Enjoy <3 You and Diavolo had very unconventional. Giorno Giovanna x Reader “A cute request from a sweet nonnie, it reads more like a crack fic😅, but I hope you enjoy this my sweet. See all. The team’s morale was low. Immediately you ask him what he thinks is so funny. “I never said I was,” Giorno flashes you a sweet smile . ”. josuke higashikata. Request Status: OPEN (again) jojo jjba jjba headcanons jjba imagines jojo headcanons Dio Brando dio brando x reader enrico pucci x reader jjba diavolo Diavolo x reader jojo villains jofoes full villain house mod seraph 25 notes Jul 6th, 2021 the thought pounded in your head as you traveled back towards the main room of the hideout. @yoursmallwitchymom asked: “hi goose !!! idk if this counts as a suggestion or not but, what do you think would give the crusaders butterflies? Or make them fall in love? Thank you!!! #caesar zeppeli #caesar zeppeli x reader #jjba caesar #caesar x reader #caesar zeppeli x you #caesar zeppeli x y/n #jjba x reader #jjba x you #jjba x y/n #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jjba battle tendency #jjba part 2 #jjba fanfic #my writing #jjba fluff #Hurt/comfort … See all simon says〚yandere! fugo x reader〛 If there is one thing Fugo has made perfectly clear over the past few months of your relationship, it’s that he cares for you in a way nobody else does. Noriaki Kakyoin x Reader. *Mild smut begins at chapter 39 (Dio x Reader x Jonathan), actual smut begins at chapter 47 (Dio x Reader). Little does he know that you are his mentor’s niece Y/N Zeppeli. A raging erection was one of his lesser problems, the true issue here, was his dream. Jul 26, 2021 · yandere jjba x reader yandere jjba x reader tumblr Yandere-jjba-x-reader --->>> yandere-jjba-x-rea Ameba Ownd - 無料ホームページとブログをつくろう Blog Literature. Based on this post by @baylishh Summary: Something is different about your boyfriend, but what is it? Oct 14, 2019 · Sweet!Reader x Hannibal HC’s . yandere x reader yandere jjba yandere yandere tidbit yandere imagines jotaro kujo yandere jotaro jojo no kimyō na bōken jojo’s bizarre adventure jjba x reader jojo x reader jotaro x reader jjba imagines hope you don’t mind just a short bit of writing Trying to write something long right now is a bit of a pain JOTARO KUJO X READER (SOULMATE AU) #1 in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure You were never one to believe in 'soulmates' or 'fate' until you met Jotaro Kujo one rainy day in the … Aug 25, 2020 · #jonathan joestar #jjba #phantom blood #jjba reader insert #jjba x reader #jjba dio #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo kimyou na bouken #jojo bizarre adventure #jjba phantom blood #phantom blood fanfic #jjba fanfic #jjba fanfiction reader insert #anime reader insert #anime More you might like Sep 25, 2020 · Without further ado: Silent Saviors: 4taro x Fem Reader (11k words) A dark force was afoot in the town of Morioh once more, but it had just been a long day, and no progress had been made to capture that force. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo Spoilers. After two years of saving Bucciarati from a rival gang,you are called to help him and his gang to take down the boss. Read #10: "You look so cute like this!" - Narancia Ghirga X Reader! from the story JJBA X READER ONE-SHOTS & LEMONS by stupidth0t (Katie Dunbar) with 25556 . Reader Is A Stand User (JoJo) Childhood Trauma. Read Jotaro x Reader: "Cute" from the story JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots by jjbaconsumedmysoul with 27567 reads. . 7K 1. You feel the constant anxiety leave as soon as the drug kicks in. additional: fluff with plot! includes josuke being adorable like usual. You’re not a drug addict. reader is very innocent. kira yoshikage / reader ; rating: mature, no 18+ content yet ; kira & reader are portrayed as 18 years old. Your kind heart can change the soul of people,and within your adventure you win their hearts as well,living a bizzare adventure in Naples. (request) Jolyne Cujoh x reader. jjba x sweet reader

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